Friday, 6 May 2016

Love this Time of Year

That's when my garden comes into it's own. These are the first Blooms, top Cherry Blossom, Then the beautiful Barberry and last but not least my Freesia . Such fibriant colours you feel like shouting welcome Summer at last. Tempertures have at last picked  up to a warm 16c.

My nesting boxes have a little couple of Blue Tits...
Flitting in and out . 

The lawn is covered in Dandylions and Daisy's , the Bees love these.  That is the main thing of course , so no grass cutting at the moment.

I can hear the Farmers in the next field busy with their Tractors. They work during the night sometimes when rain is expected.  So the roads are a bit slow going for the drivers. With these large machines going to and throw. 

The Country isn't everyone's taste and I often over hear people form the larger Cities grumbling  .
What with narrow roads , which I usually stay away from if I can help it. 

I am off to the kitchen now before going outside , as the sun is trying to make an appearance. 
I'm making my homemade Soup topped with Fish which I put on at the last minute . As Fish cooks very quickly , and adds thta extra flavour. 

Bye for Now and wishing you well.  


  1. It's hard to believe that about two weeks ago we had rain Sheila, ! what a varied climate we have , but the rewards are wonderful as your lovely photos show. i think you may have prompted me to post a few words on my blog too. even though there's probably only you who will read it. LOL Nice to read your news from your lovely part of the country. love to you and Lucy xx

  2. Hi Arlene thanks for popping over . Yes this week has been amazing it's so great to get outside in the fresh air. Good to hear you have posted , I did indeed read and leave a comment.
    Carry on Arlene what have you got to lose.
    Hugs to Zak Ruby and yourself. xx