Sunday, 25 January 2015

Chilly here , well it is Winter..

I love the Frost far better than all that rain we've had here of late. ..Blue skies and very cold. 
Above is the  new Patio , you can see part of it. The strange  little tree in the top center , is a Christmas tree which is 5 years old and has never been brought back  indoors. Doing well by all accounts. I decided to place lights on it , as it has pride of place. 
There will be a lot of work to do out there come March or so.
Am I looking forward to it, well not really with my sore hip. Will just have to look and maybe think about it ha! 

Meeting up with my dear Lady friend she is 95 years old this year. She is lucky really as she still gets out and about. But she does need an arm to hang on to. Having two daughter's is a blessing , so I am sure she glad of that. 

That's it for now a flying visit and just to say Hello. Enjoy your Week.  


  1. That's a lovely park, but your winter does not look like ours. We are to get 18 inches of snow starting early Tuesday morning. Though there is snow on the ground right now it's not much. That will change. Still it will be small potatoes compared with 1978. That wasn't just snow. It was hurricane winds, churning up the ocean. It is one to remember.
    How did a Christmas tree survive that long? It must have taken root. I've never heard of this.

  2. 95 years old, (your friend), that is wonderful. Your photos are beautiful.

  3. I know it is a little late but here to say hello, and wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year Sheila.:) Thankyou for stopping by. I did leave a message for you on myblog. Not sure you seen it and that is okay. I am here .
    The last few yrs. have been hard on me healthwise, and I lost my mom to kidney disease last Sept./2014. She won her battle and is now home with Jesus. She is free from all sickness and suffering and for that I am thankful, and one day we will meet beyond the sunset.
    I miss her dearly but life goes on and doing better each day.
    It has been a long winter and am now looking forward to Spring and getting out more with my camera, exploring new life and capturing its Beauty once more.
    Hope to find you well.
    Hugs across the big pond. Dianne:)

  4. Blessings and happy valentines.
    well you can get out in March, get one of those little chairs that would allow you to sit and still get some work done.

    At 95 with all her faculties wow thats wonderful, we all need a hand every so often. Give my regards the next time you see her.

    Its cold her too, we've been dealing with the minus 20+ and 30+ though still a lot better off than does further north where that is the norm!

  5. Thanks Rhapsody cards what cards...LOL
    Yes I'm taking the ladies out to lunch , I will thanks.

  6. The patio is lovely! I hope you had a good time with your lady friend. My grandma will be 92 this year and I love spending time with her.

  7. blessings...
    Just ducked in to say a quick hello. hope all is well with you and yours.


    1. Howdy Rhapsody , dull here and quite cold but set to change next mid week. I may take myself off to the Movies. Lunch with my dear lady friend on Tuesday, she actually rang me up.
      Hugs x

  8. Just dropping in to say hello! Hope all is well with you.