Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Joy of Indoor Cacti , oh and Lucy...

These are my indoor flowers at present
The White Gardener is the hardest flower to keep going, the right temperature , light and water. It was given to me for my Birthday two years ago, and have struggles to keep it happy. The fragrance is so sweet and I breath on it lightly to help it along it's way. The 3rd picture down.

The top Cacti blooms for 48 hours only and is so beautiful when it does.

I have had the Pink Cacti a number of years and is just starting to Bloom. So each day it is lovely to see a fresh flower there.

Lucy what a lovely Honk you have , looking sooo relaxed Ha.

It's a rather Dull day here slight drizzle in the air , and getting darker by the minute.
My red begonia is still doing well in the hanging basket. Also my winter pansies hanging baskets are doing well. It's good to see some flowers this time of year.

Enjoy your week need to catch up now and have a lovely day.


  1. blessings....
    wow, those cactus's are great, what a green thumb you have!

  2. Lucy looks totally relaxed there - she must be in her "spot". Lovely flowers- I know how hard it is to get the second one to bloom- I call it a Christmas cactus, but yours may be something else. Pretty!

    1. Hi Terri it is indeed A Christmas Cacti , as far as I know.
      Thanks for posting x

  3. Blessings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    1. Thank you Rhapsody Happy New Year hope it's a good one x

  4. The top cacti is so beautiful! How strange that it only blooms for 2 days. Lucy is a little goofball! I love funny photos like that one :)

    Good to hear from you on my blog! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.