Tuesday, 12 August 2014

It's Wonderful

When you come across something in the garden , you haven't seen before. Here it is one the Wild Rose Bush  any ideas. 

I had a dance around the Kitchen this Morning . No I haven't gone Loopy or anything. A fly or so I thought flew past me , and I felt a tickle near my neck. So I brushed him away ......
but it wasn't the fly that made me dance..It was a huge house Spider must have been sitting on my shoulder. 
Well you can imagine Aghhhhhhhhhh!  
I swept him to the floor and he scurried off . It left me quite jumpy this Morning .

We have had heavy rain here over the Weekend . But the worst of it hit the East side of the Country. Bringing down a huge Tree in one town, no one was hurt. 

Thinking of Beth right now and hoping and Praying all goes well for her, sending her positive thoughts. 

Bye for Now ..


  1. I'm not sure what that is! I'm glad you didn't have any damage from the weather. Spiders make me dance too- as far away as possible from them!

  2. No clue, very interesting though. My neighbor's WI-Fi took a break. So glad to be back on.
    Thanks for visiting and the Welcome back on your Loyal Companion which I'll check out....just saw it.

  3. Hi Terri and Great Gran, it's a Rose Bedguar Gall Wasp Nest. Quite amazing !

  4. blessings....
    Oh yuck, i would have screamed my bloody head off in addition to ripping off my cloths and dancing around kitchen, then it would have taken the better part of the evening to rid myself of the feeling......yuck!