Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Trees Are Blooming

Love this time of year when everything springs back into Life.

Sad to hear some of my Friends have had Snow across the Pond, how strange is that. 

I have had a wonderful week, a visit from my sister . A few days eating out , shopping , and the Cherry  Blossom Trees are a sight to see, in the local  Park. The park was full of children playing, being school out for the Easter  break. Smashing day out all round. 
Sunshine brings out the best in us all. 

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your family or friends, time to snap some more pictures out there.Take care catch you later, think I have a bit of catching up to do. Bye..


  1. Gorgeous photos Sheila. Spring is bursting out all over here too! Finally. It is a beautiful time of the year!

  2. what a lovely area you live in! Yes life is springing forth here as well in the colonies. I like the pictures very much. We had our marathon yesterday and all went well. It was a beautiful day for the 36,000 runners and the million people who lined the route. We are recovering from last years tragedy.

  3. Oh I love the flowers and all of the photos. Isn't it a beautiful time and one that makes the spirit happy and joyous?

  4. We have to wait until mid May to see our trees bloom. I do love your photos.

  5. How lovely to see some trees blooming! Thank you so much for sharing, the trees in Montreal haven't begun to bloom yet!

  6. I tried posting a comment on your Word press blog, but gave up, I think I mentioned I've all but given up on WP as it won't let me post or comment, without constantly asking for my password, I've changed it so many times
    Anyhow i love the pics, aren;t the pussy willows just the most amusing little flowers, The cherry blossom just never lasts long enough does it, though it is so beautiful when it flowers. Hugs from we three, XX

  7. My favorite part of spring is seeing all the trees in bloom!

  8. What gorgeous trees and blossoms! Thank you for sharing such peaceful pictures of nature!

  9. blessings,
    thought i'd take a browse through your blog.
    love the blooming trees.

    have a blessed weekend.