Thursday, 25 November 2010

Snow flurries

Snow flurries today and first thing this Morning the sun was gleaming through the window. That's such a good feeling , it wasn't too cold first thing but has got colder this afternoon. At times such as this I head for the kitchen ,oh go on then have a slice if you dare. Slimming well I did promise myself to go easy but I am such a weak morsel. Well when it comes to chocolate cake covered in Mars bars melted and gently spread over. Crikey...
I picked some Holly from the garden as I see the birds have been eating them at the top of the tree. There's something about Holly that gets you in the Christmas mood. Having said that I was shopping in a large store about the end of October, and guess what they were playing Christmas songs. A tad too early I think , could be to try and get people in the mood to buy., not so good for the staff working there though all day long.
I filled the bird feeders with food this morning what a joy, and I even caught a glimpse of a Woodpecker. He was pretty quick though lovely colours black white and a red bit on his back, which I do believe is a male.
Take care keep warm its going to get colder brrrr , enjoy your day.


  1. I'd love to see snow flurries today, but we're having warm temps today,70's F. The cake looks soo good, chocoholic here. The holly in the window has a festive look, nice.

  2. Much colder here to-day down by the South Coast, a biting wind has added to the temperature drop, brrrr. I don't relish the thought of walking Tango later to-day, the weather men said we'll all have snow at some time, I thought it would be to-day here as it got a bit cloudy, but it's cleared again. Rain expected on Saturday. HAte the British weather. The birds cost me a fortune. the feeders I filled yesterday are empty, it's these damn pigeons. keep warm.

  3. I think you are very cruel to leave that choccie cake out on display for all to drool over. Vey much a 'eat it to-day, wear it to-morrow cake'

  4. We had freezing rain yesterday and drizzle this morning. I would much rather have snow flurries.
    The cake looks yummy!

  5. No snow here in Kent - yet! but it is soo cold tonight, and if it does snow over the next three days it will be a good excuse to take the camera out :)
    And, yes, that cake looks yummy! x

  6. Hi Sheila, The Snow nice and crispy this morning on our walk, after a sharp frost and Minus4 deg.. But Sunny skies and its so nice out..
    I could have just eaten that cake upon my return home with a nice cuppa... I made some home made bread and beef Stew yesterday.. went down a treat after our morning walk then.. And Yes I am enjoying my 3 days break~ Snow and all.. LOL...
    Hugs and keep warm... Dreamwalker

  7. Hi Sheila, I sent you the photo using your old e-mail address from WLS. I hope you get it. It didn't return when I sent it so I am assumming you got it. We don't have but a dusting of snow here so far but it is getting colder. It was -7 and is suppose to be -12C tonight. We have had it pretty easy so far. Well you take care, and thank you for your visits. It is always nice to hear from you across the pond.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  8. erm....I hardly took in your blog, my eyes were glued to the cake...that lovely chocolate cake ...
    Mars bars?...MARS BARS? I haven't eaten one of those for simply fact chocolate is something I dream about but try not to eat!!...
    I did go back and read ... and yes, holly is so Christmassy, which reminds me, I need to go and buy a Holly Wreath for the front door... Not Christmas without it. I love to read about your garden and birds you've seen, Sheila.. happy week-end Penx

  9. Hi Sheila, Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to hear you got the village, and it brings you joy. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    xx's Dianne :)

  10. HI Sheila,
    just dropping by to have another look at the chocolate cake...Mmmm...At least with looking I don't put any weight on!!
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful week-end...
    Woofs from Bess to Wile-e .....xPenx