Friday, 1 October 2010

Joy Mum's Home

Mum is home again what a joy that brought to my brother and I , with her happy laughter.
Our little house was to me larger than life although in reality was quite small. It's funny how everything looks and seems much larger when you are a child. Our garden overlooked a wide open space a bank with grass either side and a long large path which led down to a small bridge. My brother and I had a three wheeled cycle he used to sit on the seat while I sat on the back. and down we went full steam ahead , yelling excitedly . Mum used to wave over the fence at us be careful but we didn't hear. Tea time she used to yell our names out loud over the back garden fence.
Across the road there where little shops , groceries chemist , news agents, bread shop , that's where mum used to give a special treat after school a lovely yummy cake.
At the time we owned a very large a lovable ginger cat , he used to stay on the opposite side of the road while we went to the shops, the fish and chip shop gave us scraps of fish for him he loved them. Worth waiting for I think , and back home he would trot behind us. .... To be Continued.

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  1. These posts are great Sheila. I am enjoying them so much!