Monday, 4 October 2010

Pretty Pink Dress

Oh how exciting a party at school Mum managed I don't know how to buy me the prettiest pink dress I have ever seen. It had little flowers with little diamonds in the centre of each flower. Mum put a pink ribbon in my hair but it kept slipping off you know that silky ribbon especially when my hair was poker straight. I think Mum was proud that day she had a twinkle in her eye that I shall never forget. So off I went to school ( 8-9 yrs old) I did feel like a little princess, thank you Mum. Curly hair was my dream as mum had a lovely head of wavy hair, people used to ask her if it was natural, well of course it was so pretty. And with that red lipstick or just a hint, it used to bring out those lovely blue eyes.


  1. That pink dress was special because your Mom gave it to you. It must have been beautiful.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blogs Sheila, many people say you shouldn't look back, but I too love reminiscing, but my past wasn't always so happy though, I sometimes think about blogging about it, something holds me back as maybe it wouldn't be such comfortable reading, but I'll just enjoy reading yours for now.
    I too have got poker straight hair, it's the bane of my life at times. LOL