Saturday, 2 October 2010

The North East England

Born in the North East 1949 (Eng) an older sister and a younger brother. Mum was of a delicate nature but father quite the opposite. This is more about my mum , father ruled the household with a firm and strict hand.
Mum was a lovely quiet sort of lady she loved the great outdoors, this is where I think I got it from. We lived in a little two up two down house in a Crescent , semi detached so the neighbours were often chatting over their fences or walls. Our garden was really pretty I remember lots of flowers bushes and a little bench at the bottom of the garden. Mum certainly had green fingers. Her favourite flowers was Virginia Stock a pretty little flower that gave lots of colour to the boarders around the garden.
Mum just loved cats we had a pretty little ginger cat , well not so little quite big really. As I said prevously he used to wait on the fence for his fish scraps.
Father worked as a radio/tv engineer so when he was out working the house was a happy house.
Mum cooked pies in the kitchen my favourite being mince and onion, which for some reason (I thought then) she put a cup in the centre and then covered it with pastry. I loved watching her doing this it is to this day my favourite savoury pie...... To be Continued.


  1. Did you ever discover why your mom put the teacup in the middle of the pie?
    I have seen pictures of your pies and they look wonderful.

  2. Hi there Sheila, just catching up with as many peepl as I can, had a busy day and it put me behind, but I think we're seeing the fruits of our blood, sweat and tears of our evacuation. :-)) I love your two posts and it sounds like you've had a lovely childhood, I doubt if there are many childhoods like that any more, I too am puzzled as to the cup in the mince unless it's to keep the pastry up off the meat so it didn't get soggy? anyhow something to ponder, catch you later

  3. Beth I think it was to keep the pastry off the meat, as Arlene has said. No I don't think there are Arlene sad to say, we found our own enjoyment. Thank you for reading.

  4. My mum used to put a china eggcup, upside down, in the middle of her pies, it was to stop the pastry falling into the gravy, I think that eggcup is still around somewhere!!