Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Peacock

A few years a go we had a regular visitor from the farm next door, a beautiful Peacock. He used to pop over the fence on a regular basis , he was gorgeous. He got used to me after a while and I used to feed him rolled oats , which he used to take from my hand. Every evening just before dusk he would find a tree high enough to roost in. If I was lucky he was sure a sight to see when he took that elegant flight up high in the tree. In the morning down he came and he headed straight home to hence he came. With so much going on next door he found my garden a peaceful place to be , and he often used to sit just outside my back bedroom window in the sun. He would gently turn the soil over in the warm sun and sit in that little hole quite happily , for a few hours. To see him run was quite amusing and I would often see him just running around the Pond, at the top of my garden. Mating season was spectacular as you can imagine , with his fine display of colourful feathers. He would potter about just outside my window as mentioned before, going through the motions. This went on for about two years so the day he no longer was able to visit me I was quite sad.

But don't worry he is quite safe he was taken to a wildlife park near me 3-4 miles away. Where he can still walk around freely and also be amongst other like himself and oh guess what Peahens , so I guess he is much happier in the Long run.

Baby Peacocks mmmm There's a thought.
The picture was taken of him in my garden.


  1. What a wonderful story!! I can only imagine seeing such a beautiful sight. I am so glad he is safe now.


  2. HI there Sheila,
    Lovely story, and so glad to hear the Peacock is still displaying that wonderful tail..
    I heard a peacocks call whilst growing up in the countryside years ago, what a piercing and mournful cry it was...but from such a beautiful creature...and yes, maybe he's a father by now?....many times over I do hope so..

  3. All's well that ends well so they say, and he's lucky enough to live safely for another day.
    But what a lovely experience for you, to get so close to a beautiful creature.

  4. A feel good post and the little ones must be so cute.

  5. What a wonderful story, and lovely photo of him. The only time I have see peacocks, were at the zoo. What a Blessing to have one in your garden.
    Thankyou for stopping by for a visit. Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  6. How lovely to have such a wonderful visitor! Glad to hear he has found a safe home. I think they are wonderful birds, and their feathers are just amazing.. :) x