Saturday, 23 October 2010

Sloppy Joe (Large Jumper)

For those of you that love to knit, well I most certainly did when I was at the tender age of 13 years old. It was fashion then to have a large out size jumper known then as a sloppy Joe. Fashion I just loved it and wanted to be what shall we say Fashionable or so I thought. I started to knit my precious jumper in a lovely pink , not a vivid pink just a soft pink. I would clank away with the knitting needles after school , hoping to finish this generous garment. So getting neared to finishing was quite exciting. But what happens when you get to the last couple of inches and run out of wool.....I didn't have much pocket money those days Mum tried her best but I think we only got one shilling each. So it was either walk to the store in town and bus back or vice verse.I took to taking the bus to town before closing time. One ball of pink wool was in my possession I was so happy. Except for the long walk home but at that tender age it was nothing was it, 2 miles..
I finished my lovely jumper in no time yippee oh it gave me such a thrill. There it was my sloppy Joe , and before you know it I slipped it over my head. Yikes I said to Mum its too long I can't wear this , I'm going to look such a silly billy. That's how it should look she said and indeed it was long and very sloppy. My sister was mad about it but she was a lousy knitter, so guess who got the job of knitting another one in a bright blue, yes you've guessed me.Oh and her friend from school . After that I didn't knit much well I was 14 years old by that time and I thought it was time to get out into the world , there where better things to do. A few years later I must add I took up chrochet. But thats another story.....


  1. I never learned knitting, so I crochet making my own designs..Can't make heads or tails of patterns so I just do my own thing.Not a bad thing really, just easier.

  2. I learned to knit when my children were young and I made them things that they wore to please me like hats and mittens. I still knit house slippers whenever the mood strikes me.
    I am loving the story of your life!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I feel terrible., I tried to knit, (Grannie tried her best to teach me) but nothing went right ...So I gave up...You couldn't knit me a sloppy Joe could you,I brought the wool round? LOL!!
    Lovely story, Sheila. and thanks for dropping by.. Bess and I are fine, and I'll update soon. (I hope) xPenx

  4. Oh yes Sheila, I remeber sloppy Joes, but I think it was more 60's than my age, which was the 50's a bit 'dressed up' with stilleto heels nipped in waists gor-ray coats pencil slim skirts and blouses with Peter pan collars, very smart yes, but oh so stuffy. How I wish I had moe photos of us then, wouldn't it be a hoot to compare.
    I knitted for the children till they were about 12, also made their clothes, till they got 'fashionable' and home made was NOT.
    Also crocheted, but nothing like as clever as GR Gran and made my own patterns. I let others do that for me. Lovely blog with a lovely memory Sheila, I enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. HI Sheila,
    ignore this if I'm wrong :-)..
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  6. Thanks for letting me know Sheila..
    and I've been doing some messing about and checking stuff on the dashboard AND found that if you click on 'followers' under 'the create a blog' link, it'll show you a list of the ones following you, (sounds very creepy!!)with their pics...Click on one of the pics and you get all the details of that person, plus the ability to 'add' as a friend, send a message or block... so very useful eh?... Mind you I have no idea what being a friend gets you any more than straight forward following does...if you.. er follow me? So, I stil don;t know who it was who sent the request..flip!!
    bye for now....xPenx..

  7. Hello... is this who I think it is???? ;-) Your Space certainly Catches the Eye..Beautiful stories here and yes I love to Knit too :-) Thank you for dropping by my page.