Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Little Hedgehog

I came across a little hedgehog this morning looking a bit sorry , they should hibernate this time of year she (I'll call her that) looked quite small and completely lost. I know there's a rescue centre near by well 16 miles to be exact. So I gave them a ring and spoke to a very nice lady , she told me to bring her in to the centre keeping her warm and if possible give her some dog or cat food and water. So I found a little shoe box , funny I was clearing out some stuff yesterday and came across this shoe box.... I was about to throw it out you know stand on it and bin it. Anyway as it happens it was the perfect rescue travelling box.So off we went and she was welcomed with open arms , I am so pleased to say. If left to her own devices she would not have survived the night.
Oh Happy days look out you may come across one of these little fellows yourself.
Apart from that its been a fine day here chilly but sunny, enjoy your day. Catch you later ...


  1. Mrs Tiggy winkle..That's the name which came to mind as I read this, Sheila...by Beatrix Potter, lovely heart warming books... and a heart warming tale too, glad the little one met you and is now being cared for. Maybe, just maybe instead of flattening the shoebox, something told you not to?... I am a great believer in some things happening for a reason.
    and..thank you for your lovely comment, I appreciate your words so much, my new friend.

  2. That was a very nice thing that you did! Good for you.

  3. Sheila, what a lucky little hedgehog to have met you, all our wildlife have such a hard time nowadays they need all the help and kindnesses they can get. I'm sure that it will be well looked after now, I had a huge one in the garden the other night, it triggered the security light.
    A good job you didn't flatten the shoe box, especially after you put Miss Tiggy winkle in it. LOL, as if you would, take care.